“Joanna has been a relevation to my business. Her insight into what really works in social media is hugely valuable to our business. She has a very strategic approach which means maximum impact, minimum expense and a great use of the many tools and apps that make social media really work. Our enquries, our word of mouth, our social influence and our reputation have all increased significantly since Beyond Social Buzz became our social media partners!”

Rob Brown (Founder & CEO of the Networking and Coaching Academy and bestselling author of ‘How to Build your Reputation’)

“Beyond Social Buzz came on board with us to help raise our on-line presence in this time of ever increasing Social Media Marketing. This was an area that we had always lacked in. Not only is Joanna a real expert in her field but she took the time to ensure we understood the marketing strategy so that we could continue to keep this part of our business going beyond her time with us. She doesn’t just fulfill her brief; she goes beyond leaving a lasting legacy. She has such passion and personability and above all is full of integrity and energy that motivates you to implement her fresh and outside the box thinking. 
I would highly recommend Beyond Social Buzz within the digital marketing industry and if we ever needed help again I would not hesitate to employ them.”

“Joanna strikes the perfect balance between the professional & personal. She provided us (TemperVox) with all the necessary tools to get fantastic results from the social media channels. 

She is hugely knowledgeable, reliable & hard-working. With excellent attention to detail as well as the utmost integrity. She understands not only how to get the job done efficiently but also makes it an enjoyable & often exciting experience, especially when results are generated quickly! 

I would recommend her to any business who is looking to grow their online presence & gain the exposure that they need.”

Gemma and Leon (Owners of Tempervox Vocal Coaching)

“Joanna provides valuable tools, excellent and thorough resources and generally makes building your social media presence easy. If you need help with your online marketing campaign, Joanna is the person to go to, she definitely has the talent, skill and energy help you achieve success.”
Michael (Director Business Development, London Management Centre)

“Beyond Social Buzz made a thorough investigation of our website and online service offering and quickly highlighted simple steps to make our marketing campaigns more successful. We applied those recommendations and the results have been tremendous. Throughout the experience, we have also found Joanna acting with generosity and integrity in all our business dealings. 
We now understand how to put our message across in a meaningful way to our marketplace and would recommend Joanna to anyone looking to increase their online presence and overall business results.”
Tracey (Owner of Beauty Works London)