Email Marketing

Effective, Affordable, Trackable

Businesses that do not use Email Marketing miss out on a great opportunity to reach customers.

Email Marketing can be best described as an online version of direct mail, although unlike direct mail, it does not require any printing or mailing fees. Campaigns can be designed in a matter of days, and most importantly, the results are trackable and measurable.

At Beyond Social Buzz we believe that Email Marketing is one of the most personal and powerful ways to connect with your current and potential customers. This incredibly cost-effective tool can be used for both customer acquisition and retention.

Selecting the right approach to your Email Marketing communications and providing your audience with relevant information is the key. As obvious at it sounds, taking a scattergun approach to Email Marketing will see your messages going straight into junk folders.

How can we help?

Beyond Social Buzz can help you plan, create, send and monitor your email campaigns.

For maximizing the impact of your digital efforts, Beyond Social Buzz integrates email campaigns with other digital services, such as Social Media and Content Creation.

If you are interested in finding our more about the Email Marketing services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.